YouTube star iJustine recently interviewed Shigeru Miyamoto and his ever loyal interpreter Bill Trinen. Naturally discussion turned to Zelda Wii U and the footage which was recently shown off at the Game Awards. Miyamoto was then asked about how his team approached the gameplay and story elements for a Zelda title with such a massive world. His answer will have any Zelda fan who loves exploration salivating.

“With Zelda games, what we’ve always done is try to make them where you enter this big world of Hyrule and there’s a lot to explore and discover, but because of the hardware limitations, what we’ve had to do is segment off each area and piece those segments together in a way that make them feel like a big world. Now, with the hardware capabilities of Wii U, we first started by saying if we can take an entire world the size of the world from Twilight Princess, and make that the size of one of the areas in the game.”

Twilight Princess has one of the biggest overworlds ever found in a Zelda game, so to think that that is just the size of one of the areas in the new Hyrule is incredibly exciting. Of course, having a gigantic world means nothing if it’s completely empty. Fortunately, it seems like Miyamoto and his team realized this as well.

“…there may even be times where you forget what your goal is, because you are doing other things on the side. There may be times where you go in to one big one long dungeon, or you’re headed for a dungeon and doing other things on the side. What we’re trying to do is design it in a way where you don’t have to play it for a super long time, but more matched to today’s lifestyle where you can think for a little bit, and say ‘maybe I just want to play for a little bit today and do this one thing.’ and get that thing done, then take a break.”

It’s safe to say that this game is going to be filled with
tons of little nooks and crannies just waiting to be explored, as well as a plethora of side quests. In fact, these quotations make the game seem like Skyrim, which also featured a gigantic overworld filled with optional areas to explore and side quests to complete. The beauty of this setup is that it allows players to enjoy twenty minute play sessions just as much as they would three hour play sessions.

Does the idea of an enormous world begging to be explored have you chomping at the bit to get your hands on this game? Sound off in the comments!

Source: NeoGAF

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