With most electronics today, people enjoy customizing their devices to give it their own personal look, usually through the use of stickers, cases, and even custom skins. Well, for those gamers interested in skinning their Nintendo Switch, it might not be a good idea. According to the company Dbrand, who makes skins for all sorts of different electronics, something about the finish of the Switch is incompatible with any kind of vinyl skin. The Switch’s finish coating peels after being skinned, which Dbrand discovered after some extensive testing with multiple skins and devices. So consider this a big warning to anyone who has or wanted to personalize their Switch with a skin, including the golden Zelda skin available at launch.

Thankfully, anyone who preordered a skin from Dbrand did receive a refund for their purchased item. This really is a nice move from Dbrand, as they’ve definitely lost out on a great deal of revenue from Switch skins.

“This is really quite unfortunate, not just because we were going to make a ton of money from this console, but more-so because it genuinely did look dope with a skin” — Dbrand

There is some hope though, as the damage done through the product testing was the result of ripping off multiple skins from their test console over the course of 4 days. So if you plan to leave your skin on forever, it’s possible that it may turn out just fine.

Do you still plan on putting a skin on your Switch? Or are you bummed out by this news? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Reddit

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