After months of relentless teasing, the day has finally come for SEGA’s big announcement that will mark the future of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. The company behind the iconic Blue Blur is commemorating the series’ silver anniversary at the House of Blues in San Diego, and with series director Takashi Iizuka confirming that a brand new game is indeed in development, fans the world over have every reason to get excited.

Thankfully, those who couldn’t get tickets to the 25th Anniversary Party won’t have to miss out, since the festivities will be livestreamed via the official
Sonic Twitch. Join us here at Gamnesia once the celebrations kick off at 6:00 PM Pacific / 9:00 PM Eastern via the stream above!

If you’d rather watch the presentation on YouTube, the official
Sonic channel is streaming here.

The last major Sonic Team-developed game in the series was the Wii U edition of
Sonic Lost World, initially released in October 2013 before being ported to PC late last year. The developer has since worked on Sonic Runners, which launched on mobile devices worldwide in June 2015 – the game will be shutting down its servers on July 27th after being considered a financial failure by SEGA.

UPDATE: Although the show running behind schedule by about thirty minutes, tonight’s events schedule has emerged, courtesy of The Sonic Stadium. All times are in Pacific:

  • 6:00PM – Hyper Potions LIVE
  • 6:30PM – Welcome and Introductions
  • 6:35PM – Big Announcement Zone, Act 1
  • 6:50PM – Crush 40 LIVE
  • 8:00PM – Sonic Dash Presentation
  • 8:10PM – Sonic Team Q&A
  • 8:25PM – Sonic x Hello Kitty
  • 8:40PM – Costume Contest feat. Celebrity Judges
  • 9:00PM – Sonic Boom Season 2 Sneak Peek
  • 9:30PM – LEGO Dimensions: Sonic World Premiere
  • 9:50PM – Make History
  • 9:55PM – ???????
  • 10:00PM – Event End, Credits Roll

Our Verdict
Watch live video from SonicOfficial on

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