It has been just over three years since Grand Theft Auto V originally launched and introduced fans to the modern Los Santos. While the popular open world game has been going strong with several critically acclaimed re-releases on current consoles and PC, it stands to reason that fans may be longing for good old Liberty City. A group of modders known as OpenIV may have the solution for PC players, though “mod” may be a bit of a misnomer for what they have actually done. Rather than modifying the base game, a converter tool will pull Liberty City’s files from Grand Theft Auto IV and place the city right next to Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V.

OpenIV did not give a specific date on when this tool will launch, but they did say it will be available soon. The converter will require players to own both GTAIV (or Episodes From Liberty City) and GTAV. Due to the fact that the files are actually coming from GTAIV itself, with OpenIV just releasing a program to transfer them into a DLC pack for GTAV, the modders believe there will be no legal ramifications to worry about. OpenIV does, however, warn players that they should not try to play GTA Online with Liberty City installed, as it will still break Rockstar’s modding rules.

If you would like to check out OpenIV’s full FAQ, you can do so here!

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Source: OpenIV’s Blog

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