Yo-Kai Watch‘s puzzle-style approach to the catch-em-all gameplay has both amazed and charmed its fair share of fans. With its growing popularity, it does not seem like it will be long before we get our hands on the sequel over here in the West. Until then, however, we’ll have to settle for some admittedly cool gimmicks like this one. Nintendo has just released a trailer showing off the Yo-Kai Watch toy watch. While anyone with a wide enough imagination can find an infinite number of activities and games to play with just the watch, the toy holds a second function.

The various medals you can plug in to the watch double as scanable items for your 3DS’ camera, giving players access to various rewards, including rare and difficult to obtain Yo-Kai. For instance, the trailer above shows off unlocking the Cruncha Yo-Kai using the medals, one of the more notorious monsters to obtain.

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