While Fallout 4 may have just released, it looks like the community is already hard at work discovering more and more glitches. One such glitch will give you infinite caps by following a few simple steps.

First you must find any vendor who sells ammo. Buy all of the bullets the vendor is selling for one type of ammo. Next, sell back exactly one bullet from the stash you just purchased, and then sell another chunk of the same stash – but do not sell all of it. Assuming you’ve performed the steps correctly, when you go to sell the rest of the stash, you will get the money without giving up any of ammo. You can continue selling the remaining ammunition as many times as you want, allowing for a virtually infinite supply of bottle caps.

What do you think of this glitch? Are you going to abuse it or leave it alone? Tell us down below!

Source: Reddit (via Kotaku)

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