Model makers, giant robot fans, and Xenoblade Chronicles X admirers rejoice. High-quality model and figurine maker Kotobukiya has announced via the Japanese Xenoblade Chronicles X website that they will be producing model kits for the game’s shape-shifting mechs. The site posted some high-resolution images of the completed models, and they certainly look swanky. They did not announce a release date, but ended the announcement with promises of more information to come.

Source: Xenoblade X Official Site

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Stefan Terry
One of my earliest memories with games was just after Pokémon had come out in the states for the first time. I remember, after having watched the show for a couple weeks, stumbling across a friend with an original Gameboy playing Pokémon Red version using a Weedle. When he told me he was playing Pokémon, I told him I didn't know there was a Pokémon that had a pumpkin for a head. Boy games have come a long way. Speaking of games, I also contribute to making them somewhat professionally, and ocassionaly write about them. You should see some of that games writing stuff, I hear it's real popular with the kids these days.


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