Way back during E3 2017, Nintendo unveiled a new Yoshi game for Nintendo Switch with an intended launch window of 2018. Yoshi’s next adventure would end up needing a little more time to cook before release, but it was eventually re-introduced as Yoshi’s Crafted World with a new launch window of Spring 2019.

Then today, out of the blue, Nintendo just dropped the game’s release date on Twitter! You can look forward to Yoshi’s Crafted World on Nintendo Switch on March 29th. It’s a great addition to Nintendo’s early year lineup, and it also might partially explain the confidence they’ve been exhibiting to investors in recent months.

Nintendo has been targeting 20 million Switch units sold by the end of the fiscal year, largely banking on their holiday lineup to get them there after sales were sluggish earlier in the year. However, we now know that Yosh’s Crafted World will drop two days before the fiscal year officially ends on March 31st, giving Nintendo one last chance to boost hardware sales before they close the books.

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