Sora and friends return!

Yep, Kingdom Hearts III’s ReMIND DLC is set for January 23

We're going to need to feign a little surprise here so that there are no hurt feelings. We definitely didn't learn this news ahead of time over the weekend. Nope, no way. During this morning's PlayStation State of Play stream, Sony confirm…


  1. Not gonna lie he looks creepy. Like no lips.

  2. Sora and friends return a full year after release!****

  3. So pay another $30 for some DLC so that Sqeenix can redeem themselves from the trash that was KH3?

  4. That’s the kingdom from tangled…..

  5. I’m so tired of DLC that just adds everything the game should have had In the first place. I’m going to wait on it because I have DB Kakarot coming next month and Ff7 remake the month after that.

  6. Yall are lucky you’re getting the Kingdom Hearts series on Xbox at all. Wish it would’ve stayed PS exclusive

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