Today, Microsoft revealed its next generation console, the Xbox One. It will run on a version of Windows 8 and serve as an “All in One Home Entertainment System”. Yes, Microsoft has widened its gaze and the Xbox One will also be a cable box where you can watch TV, browse the internet, watch Netflix or your Blu-ray movies, and listen to your favorite music. 

The console will have a new controller, which is pretty much a slightly
altered Xbox 360 controller. All the buttons are in the same place
except the start and the back buttons, which seem to have been replaced
by two unknown buttons. I personally have never had a problem with the D-Pad, but it was apparently such a common complaint that it also underwent a redesign. It’s unknown if this new controller is usable on your PC, but as that has been the case with the Xbox 360 controller it will likely happen eventually. 

A new Kinect, far more advanced than its predecessor, has also been in development for some time. It will be able to respond to your voice and gestures, detect the slightest rotation of a wrist or shoulder, and register far more movements than the old Kinect. The console will finally have the ability to use Skype, which will interface with the new Kinect. It will be able to record and display videos at 1080p, and it will transfer data at 2GB/s, so you can really see your motions at the same time you do them. Xbox One will respond to your voice commands and can switch almost instantly between television, music, Internet Explorer, and your games. This is really impressive, especially when a console has to load a big game, and will still be able to show it right after you give the command.

Microsoft has also shed some light on what’s under Xbox One’s hood, though of course they have not revealed all specs. The console will have 8 GB RAM, a Blu-ray drive, and USB 3.0 ports, much like the PS4, but will also contain a 500GB hard drive. Microsoft didn’t really tell anything about the GPU or CPU except that the Xbox One works with an 8 Core CPU. It apparently works on special “Xbox Architecture”. According to Microsoft, the Xbox One is so powerful that there’s no limit to what you can do with the console. You are able to multitask, and it will heavily use the cloud where able, although the console doesn’t need to be online all the time. 

In the screenshots below you can also see how the Xbox One looks on the inside, along with some other development photos.

I’ve been a huge skeptic of the new Xbox, but Microsoft has clearly done something right. I’m excited to see what will happen next. What about you? Share in the comments.

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