After Nintendo’s presentation at Gamescom it is certain that the new, Wii U version of Unity3D will not enable games like Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3. These specific games will use DirectX 11 to yield advanced lighting and shader technology, something already offered by Unity3D though this general toolkit had been unadapted to Wii U. The Wii U toolkit for Unity3D enables smooth hardware transition and access (GamePad, front camera, Miiverse, Wii Remotes), but only enables DirectX 10 level graphics.

More surprising still is that modest indie developers have managed to adapt upcoming games to Wii U with Unity3D (without the new toolkit) and with DirectX 11, but high-caliber developers like the Final Fantasy team had not even tried. Nonetheless, DX10 graphical software will be rendered simply. One port of a PC title, Wooden Sen’Sey, was playable for Wii U. According to a representative of Unity at the booth, the software was ported after only a couple of days with the Wii U development kit. The final release of Unity for Wii U and in-development games for the eShop remains unannounced.

Source: Gaming Blend

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