Since the reveal of the Xbox One, many people have almost literally jumped on the Nintendo hype-train, resulting in gifs like these. And this one. And since that reveal last tuesday, sales at Amazon UK have skyrocketed. There has been an astounding jump in sales rank for Wii U consoles – an increase of 875 percent to be precise. 

There has also been a price cut to support this growth, going from £289.99, or $437.42 – a lot by American standards – to £219.99 for the basic pack, which translates to $331.83. The system was at #390 in the list of Amazon’s PC & Gaming Bestsellers before the conference, but currently has shot up to #48 because of fan backlash due to the reveal.

It’s interesting that so many people immediately bought the Wii U after the Xbox One reveal, especially after so many people bashed it for its relatively unimpressing launch. It’s a great time to buy a Wii U. After all, there are many great titles coming, and it still has some interesting games like ZombiU. We’ll have to see what the reveal does to the performance of the Wii U in the long run.

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