LEGO Dimensions is the latest player in the “toy-to-life” NFC race. While Skylanders was the original and Nintendo and Disney both have a rich history to take from, none of them can quite match the insanity WB Games is bringing to LEGO Dimensions, a game where Marty McFly and Wonder Woman can take on Sauron while driving the Mystery Machine. With a ton of expansion packs to choose from already, WB has promised that wallets will continue to wheeze in exhaustion for years to come, as the company plans to support the title with extra content until 2018 and possibly beyond.

Wave 1 begins at launch, but Wave 2 hits in December. Further expansions will follow in January, March, and May. Players can still 100% the game with the starter pack, but they will no doubt be tempted to buy more over the next three years. Collecting all of the sets will be nigh impossible, although I’m sure WB won’t mind if you try.

Source: Eurogamer

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