This year’s E3 saw the reveal of an exciting new game for fans of the Dragon Ball franchise. Dragon Ball FighterZ is an action-packed 2.5D fighter with beautiful visuals practically lifted straight out of the anime. This dream come true calling itself a game is headed to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC sometime in 2018, but what about Nintendo Switch owners?

Some fans have speculated that the upcoming Arc System Works title is skipping Nintendo’s hybrid console over hardware limitations, but that is not the case. Speaking with
Game Blog, producer Tomoko Hiroki revealed that there isn’t any technical reason keeping FighterZ from Switch. After all, Xenoverse 2 (which would seem to be a more hardware-intensive game) is already confirmed for Switch. Its absence from the console seems to be more of a financial decision, and it’s a decision that could change.

According to Hiroki, publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment is open to the idea of a Switch port. While it wouldn’t likely be ready at the same time as the other versions of the game, Hiroki says
FighterZ could come to Switch if fans show enough interest. With that in mind, fans have wasted no time making their voices heard!

Twitter is lighting up with fan messages to both Bandai Namco and Arc System, and a
petition has already gathered around 10,000 signatures. The movement received its biggest ally today, as Vegeta voice actor Christopher Sabat has thrown his support behind a Switch release. If the Prince of all Saiyans is on board, you should be too!

Nintendo Switch’s portability and local wireless features make it a fantastic console for multiplayer games.
Dragon Ball FighterZ would feel right at home alongside Nintendo’s lineup of multiplayer titles like Splatoon 2, Arms, and Pokk√©n Tournament. If you’d like to see that happen, you can reach out to Bandai Namco’s official Twitter accounts in the United States, the UK, and Australia.

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