Undertale was a surprise smash hit in 2015, wowing players with its memorable characters, morality system, and layered storytelling. The fairy tale-esque indie adventure has cultivated an enthusiastic community of fans, and it’s about to grow even larger. During a Nintendo Direct a few months back we learned that Undertale is coming to Nintendo Switch. When we expect it to hit Nintendo’s hybrid console?

So far we’ve only been told that it’s coming in 2018 in the West, but Japan may have a more concrete release date. Amazon Japan recently put up a listing for the game, claiming it would launch on September 15th. This listing has since been altered, and it now displays a generic placeholder release date of December 31st, 2018. It seems likely that they jumped the gun and revealed its release date early, but it’s also possible that it was an error, so this date is not yet officially confirmed.

In addition to the potential release date, the listing also confirmed that
Undertale will have a physical release in Japan. Whether or not Western players are also treated to a retail version remains to be seen.

Source: Amazon Japan (via Nintendo Everything)

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