Yesterday, whispers that The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess would see a 3DS release began to surface. It began with 3DS owners receiving a StreetPass tag from a German 3DS owner that appeared to have been playing the game, which prompted a link to the game’s eShop page. The rumor has since been confirmed fake, the image the result of a user hacking his 3DS system to make a custom message/image appear as his most recently played game, but it has caused bigger problems than mild disappointment for some 3DS owners. Those who got the StreetPass and investigated the eShop link have found their Nintendo Network accounts have a ban on them.

The 3DS hacker visited yesterday’s Zelda Symphony Concert in Germany, and thus managed to tag a lot of systems. If you are in that area, I would be cautious in your Mii Plaza for a little bit. That said, the bans reported only seem to be from people who tried to look at the store page, so if you keep your curiosity in check (or take our word that it’s fake), you probably won’t have a problem. However, an update from Nintendo Everything has brought into question the exact cause of these bans, citing that they may be caused by the use of flashcards in these 3DSs. The situation has become a bit of a mess.

If you have been banned after meeting the not-Twilight-Princess-player, or otherwise have some insight on the situation, don’t be afraid to let us know below.

Source: NintendoEverything

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