Earlier in the month, Nintendo officially unveiled a Nintendo Labo VR Kit set to release in April. Surprisingly, the reveal did not include any footage of the virtual reality experiences included in the package, and fans were left to fill in the blanks with their imagination. Fortunately, Nintendo decided not to leave us in the dark for long. A select group of journalists recently went hands-on with Labo VR, and now Nintendo has released a 7-minute long trailer showing off its various games.

With the Toy-Con Blaster, you can aim in all directions to take down alien foes. There’s also an option (activated by moving a Joy-Con lever attached to your cardboard Blaster) to stop time and pick off multiple enemies in an instant. There’s also a two-player Blaster game called Kablaster that involves vacuuming up fruit and shooting it into the mouths of hippos.

The Toy-Con Wind Pedal can be used to play a game that involves jumping over balls thrown at you by bears. Yeah, you just kind of have to see it to get it. The idea is that stepping on the pedal will simulate gusts of wind.

There’s also the Toy-Con Bird. While using this accessory, you can get a bird’s eye view by… well, riding on a bird. By tilting the accessory to aim your flight direction and squeezing to flap, you can explore an island. Collect food to feed baby birds and they’ll eventually grow up and join your flock. There’s also a game called Bird Dash that works with both the Bird and Wind Pedal Toy-Cons. Fly through rings (boosting your speed with wind) and try to set a record time.

Next is the Toy-Con Elephant. You can use its trunk to draw pictures in the air and move them around in a 3D space. It can also be used for a puzzle game called Marble Run that involves moving items around and manipulating gravity to help a marble reach its goal.

Finally, there’s a Toy-Con Camera. Go on an underwater adventure and snap pictures of the fish and various other sea creatures around you. There’s also a strange, Furby-looking creature that you can photograph doing various activities in a house. For some reason.

On top of all of this, there’s also a VR Plaza that includes 64 mini-games. There’s a UFO crane game, a driving game, a game involving drums, and more. Some of these games will use the Joy-Con controllers, while others use Toy-Con accessories. With the Toy-Con Garage VR toolset, you can even create your own custom VR mini-games.

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