Figurine collecting is a costly investment at the end of the day, and all the more so when it comes to gaming. Be it for raising your own custom fighter in Super Smash Bros. via Amiibo, placing the likes of the Doctor and Homer Simpson in the same game through LEGO Dimensions, or the simple pleasure of having various Disney Infinity and Skylanders figures sharing shelf space, toys-to-life figurines have become a lucrative boon for the companies behind them, but nonetheless an expensive luxury for the average collector.

To help ease this financial strain for the consumer, Target will be hosting a “Buy One, Get One Half Off” event on all toys-to-life figurines next week! Frugal fans of the aforementioned toys-to-life brands can now be one step closer to completing their personal collection once Target’s next sales week begins on Sunday. If these don’t suit your fancy, the “BOGO 50% Off” deal also extends to all PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 games.

Source: Amiibo News

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