It’s been an interesting week for Undertale fans. Toby Fox, creator of the indie sensation, began dropping teasers about an upcoming announcement earlier this week. When the fated day came, Fox made a “survey” available for download. This free download turned out to be the first chapter of a new RPG called Delta Rune, and it left Undertale fans with countless questions.

Thankfully, Fox has returned to answer some of those questions. For starters, Fox confirmed that Delta Rune is not a true sequel or prequel to Undertale. While the two games are clearly connected, it seems they exist in separate universes or timelines. So what will become of Delta Rune now that this first chapter has been unleashed into the world?

The answer is both exciting and saddening. As it turns out, Fox does hope to create Delta Rune as a full game with a massively larger scope than Undertale. However, there’s no guarantee that the project will ever come to fruition. Fox has previously worked largely alone, but in the process of creating the first chapter of Delta Rune (which he says took years), he realized it would be impossible to create the game he envisioned without help.

As such, this first chapter is serving as something of a recruitment tool to help Fox find talented developers who are interested in joining his team. In the meantime, no real work has been done on the game outside the first chapter, but the story has been completely written and some of the music has been prepared.

Fox does not plan to turn to crowd-funding services like Kickstarter. Once a team is (hopefully) assembled, they’ll begin work on the next chapter. The current plan is to release Delta Rune with a set price after all the chapters have been developed. Chapters won’t be released individually, and Fox won’t be taking pre-orders for the game, as he doesn’t want to “burn” anyone.

It sounds like it’s going to be a long and difficult process with no guarantee of completion, but given the immense success of Undertale and the strong reception to Delta Rune‘s first chapter, there’s plenty of cause for optimism. Hopefully, Fox can assemble the talent he needs to make his dream a reality.

Source: Toby Fox

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