Update: Threes has been reinstated on Google Play.

Threes creator Asher Vollmer was met with a surprise yesterday when his award winning mobile game was taken off of the Google Play marketplace. The sting was intensified as he discovered that it was taken down because it used “2048” as a search keyword.

Many mobile developers find a plethora of clones spring up on the marketplace offering similar products at no cost. These clones are generally filled with adverts and potential viruses, and they also steal a great deal of the thunder when done correctly. Google has responded to this by adding in measures to remove clones from their marketplace.

Ironically enough,
2048 is a clone of Threes, and since 2048 became much more popular than Threes on the marketplace, it’s pretty sad that he would have to resort to tagging his original product with that of the successful clone.

In response to an inquiry about the takedown by GameInformer, Vollmer responded with this:

“The decision to pull our app was clearly made by a robot and not by a human. I want Google Play to AT LEAST issue warnings before they take these kinds of actions. Hundreds of people will be directed to our clones for the next few days instead of THE ACTUAL GAME. This was a completely tone deaf move.”

Asher Vollmer

So, what do you think of this removal? Were you aware that
Threes was the original product? Hit the comments to let us know.

Source: GameInformer

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