Andrew Milkovich, an active programmer in the Github community, recently created a new Super Nintendo emulator that is capable of reading original game cartridges and connecting them to a computer. The “snes-rd” was created using a Teensy++ 2.0, a small development board that connects to a USB, which Andrew took apart and rearranged so that its pins would match those of a Super Nintendo cartridge. He also created his own USB adapter for Super Nintendo controllers, so that the console’s original controllers could be used to play games.

Functionally, Andrew’s creation is a large flash drive that can read old Super Nintendo cartridges, so that beloved titles can be played using original game cartridges and controllers with no need for a console. This emulator is not for sale, but the original Github page contains some instructions for the pin wiring involved, and Andrew has said that a full schematic for the project will be released soon to help fans reconstruct the emulator at home. Some photos of the emulator can be found in the gallery below.

What do you guys think? Would any of you try to replicate this project? Would you buy this emulator, if it ever went on sale? Let us know in the comments below!

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