Trying to collect all of the puzzle pieces in SteetPass’s Puzzle Swap isn’t a simple task, but it may have just become a lot easier thanks to a new StreetPass exploit. This was discovered by YouTuber Anthony Schwader, and it allows users to have Special Guest Mii’s visit their plaza multiple times. This recently discovered exploit will work for any Special Guest Mii that Nintendo sends through SpotPass.

In order to start the exploit, you will need to enter StreetPass settings and deactivate StreetPass, which will also deactivate SpotPass. Next, delete the Special Mii from your plaza. Afterwards, hit Home on your 3DS to exit the StreetPass Mii Plaza, then enter StreetPass Mii Plaza again. Open StreetPass settings again and reactivate StreetPass, then immediately reactivate SpotPass, waiting for the blue notification on your 3DS LED. Hit the Home button again, and the blue notifications bubble should pop up. Enter the notifications bubble, then select “launch software” at the bottom of the bubble. StreetPass will close and reopen by itself, and the same special guest you deleted will come to your plaza again.

This exploit was discovered when the video creator’s SD card became corrupted, and he suspected Abe had something to do with it. This can be done for any Special Mii, as many times as you want. This can be especially helpful to get rare puzzle pieces, or if you live in a smaller town and have trouble getting people to StreetPass with.

Do you think Nintendo will try to patch this exploit, or will they leave it be? Sound off in the comments below!

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