Speedrunners go through a great deal for the sake of the timer. Piotr Delgado Kusielczuk, known on Twitch as “The Mexican Runner,” recently finished his nearly three-year-long trial of playing through every single NES game ever released, a total of 714 games. Beginning with Whomp ‘Em and ending with Super Mario Bros. 3, Kusielczuk speed-ran through every NES game released in North America, as well as 35 PAL-exclusive titles. The journey took more than 3,000 hours and over 900 days, but NESmania is finally complete.

On Kusielczuk’s blog you can find the sarcastic comments that led him to actually running the games to completion, as well as an explanation of some of the “drama” that popped up over the three years. On the homepage, he describes how he felt as he approached the end of the challenge:

“Almost three years had passed and what had started as an impossible quest had become an achievable reality. The list of unbeaten games had shrunk to only a few titles and the excitement for the last games had been growing. The closer I got to the end, the more nostalgia and responsibility I felt. I wanted to make sure this epic quest had a proper ending that could honor how big and how important it had been in my life.” — Piotr Delgado Kusielczuk

You can also find Kusielczuk on Twitch, where he was known before NESmania for holding records in both Battletoads and Contra.

Are you impressed by Kusielczuk’s feat? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Polygon

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