Mods can often be a wonderful thing, breaking down a game’s borders to allow for hacks, alterations, and extra content that otherwise would not be made possible. Whether it is due to legal restrictions, personal preference, or a sudden flash of inspiration, it is hard to deny that mods can truly bring out a lot of a game’s untapped potential. Then there are mods like these that are made for the pure “Why the heck not?” factor!

Yoshi Valley was a favorite racing stage to many back when it first debuted in Mario Kart 64, all the more so since its received makeover in the hit Wii U racing game, Mario Kart 8. YouTuber and GTA modder DayL, as a result, subsequently ported that particular map onto the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V.

Check out his video playthrough of N64 Yoshi Valley in GTA V above!

Owners of the PC version can download the Yoshi Valley mod on

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