Pokémon GO continues to be the topic of conversation as of late, and now it appears it’s even gained some traction within the Pentagon. We’ve now learned that, about a month ago, Pentagon security officials decided to ban the game inside of their Defense Department, over concerns that it has the potential to help spies gain sensitive information about the building. Due to the mobile game requiring data to play, issues have arisen regarding the possible tracking of this data, in order to find out the precise locations of rooms within the government property.

The Washington Times reported on the matter, saying:

“A memorandum sent July 19 warned all officials and defense contractors that playing Pokemon Go, the hugely popular Japanese video game, poses a potential a security risk to secure and sensitive facilities.” — The Washington Times

Logging into the game using a Google account was said to give up large amounts of private data, which could possibly leak personal information about the employees of the Pentagon. This was fixed by Niantic so that only the necessary information is transmitted, but the game was banned regardless of this. Let us know what you think about the Pentagon’s ban of Pokémon GO in the comments.

Source: The Washington Times

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