Last night we received word that construction on Universal Studio’s collaboration with Nintendo, Super Nintendo World, has officially begun in Japan. Details are still relatively few about this new region of the park, beyond the heavy Mario aesthetic and the newly-confirmed Mario Kart attraction, but fortunately Shigeru Miyamoto was on hand to tease some of their plans and ideas—including the possibility of having your Nintendo Switch somehow interact with the area.

Nintendo and Universal have apparently already been working up plans for how to integrate the Big N’s handheld-console hybrid with the park, drawing from their past experiences with 3DS interactions at the Louvre Museum. As for how exactly these interactions could work, that’ll have to be left up to our imaginations for now. Super Nintendo World isn’t expected to open for a few years now, by the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games at the latest, so hopefully they’ll offer more hints and teases as time goes on.

Miyamoto did offer a few more comments on the park in general, however, noting that other IPs beyond Mario could be involved—there is a reason they called it “Super Nintendo World” instead of “Super Mario World,” after all—and that it will feature more than just rides. The area is planned to have restaurants and shops, and we’ll also be able to see some Nintendo-themed shows there. Miyamoto also mentioned that the Big N intends to have more such collaborations in the future, allowing other entities to provide the raw manpower and infrastructure for supporting these ventures and leaving Nintendo to worry only about the quality.

Are you excited for Super Nintendo World? What sort of interactions would you like to see with the Switch? Will the console still be popular enough when the park opens for such interactivity to be a reasonable feature? Let us know below!

Source: 4Gamer (via Nintendo Everything)

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