Over Nintendo’s many decades of game development, they’ve crafted some of the most iconic franchises in gaming history. Games like Mario and Zelda have become pillars of the company and icons in the industry, and a much younger Nintendo franchise is quickly approaching that same kind of status. In less than three years, Splatoon has reached an impressive milestone.

A quick analysis of Nintendo’s top sellers list shows that the Splatoon franchise has sold over 10 million units. The Wii U version comes in at 4.93 million units sold, just shy of the 5 million mark. Not bad for a new IP exclusive to a console that was a commercial failure! Unsurprisingly, Splatoon 2 has been a huge hit on Nintendo Switch (which has already dwarfed Wii U in sales), selling over 6.02 million copies.

In total, Nintendo has sold over 10.95 million copies of Splatoon games in under three years. To compare it to another popular Nintendo franchise, the first two Zelda games combined to sell 10.89 million units on the original NES. That said, those were different times. The video game market wasn’t nearly as large as it is today, but Nintendo also had an absolute stranglehold on it, and NES was king.

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