The official, developer-run Splatoon Twitter has oozed out a steady supply of Splatoon information since its inception. Yesterday, they shared some information on a weapon type, a couple of the pre-built weapon loadouts, and a couple of the single-player octopus enemies. The main focus of the weapon details this time is the Splat Charger, which is apparently good at long-range and leaves a trail behind on the ground, but requires charging. It was also shared that sub-weapons will use a lot of ink, and special weapons have a charge gauge that goes up the more ink you shoot.

The loadouds shared are as follows:

Main Weapon: Splat Charger – charging weapon, good for long range attacks, can make ‘Ink Roads’ for you and your team mates to use.
Sub Weapon: Splash Bomb – standard bomb, explodes on impact
Special Weapon: Bomb Rush – Allows you to shoot as many bombs as you want for a set period.

Main Weapon: .52 Gal – Stronger than the Splat Charger, but uses more ink so can’t be fired as much.
Sub Weapon: Splashield – Creates a curtain of ink. Good for narrow pathways to attack your opposition.
Special Weapon: Megaphone Laser – Shoots out a powerful ‘laser’ of ink. Good for turning around battles.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate that weapon’s are measured in gallons rather than caliber. It’s the little things that make all the difference sometimes.

The first tweet, translated below, is about the shield octo-trooper:

This guy’s name is “Tate-Tako-trooper” [It literally means “Shield-Octopus-Trooper”].

It’s a tongue-twister of a name, but it looks like it’s a trooper who uses a shield, so…

Since it repels attacks from the front, popular strategies including sneaking behind it to attack, but you gotta be careful about it turning around and that kinda thing – basically, using your head to take it down is a necessity.

The second is about the big enemy with a helicopter on his head:

This fella’s name is “Bomb Octocopter”

These bomb-throwing sky-floatin’ guys are probably really troublesome. You could take cover or hide in ink for a second – seems like you could take ’em out one by one, with proper timing.

Source: NeoGAF

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