Today’s Super Smash Bros. Direct started off with a bang! Fire Emblem Fate‘s main character Corrin has been announced as a DLC character. Much like Robin or the Wii Fit Trainer, Corrin features a gender swap as alternate skins, so you can play as either a male or female version. Although Fire Emblem Fates isn’t out in the United States yet, Nintendo wanted to include Corrin in Super Smash Bros. so fans can get a feel for the character before the game releases this February.

Though Corrin carries Omega Yato, the final form of the sword Yato, into battle, he primarily attacks using Dragon Fang. Since Corrin has the blood of a dragon coursing through his veins, he can transform parts of his body to pull off attacks that no other fighter can. For instance, his side smash turns his arm into a giant lance. It has incredible reach and, much like Marth’s sword, has its power concentrated in the tip. As another example, Corrin’s back air attack allows him to sprout wings.

Corrin’s standard special, the Dragon Fang Shot, can be charged by holding B. Hitting an opponent with a charged shot will temporarily paralyze them, and if they are close enough, the opponent can be bit by the dragon on Corrin’s hand. This secondary attack is also able to be charged, allowing for some powerful combos with a big launch ability. The Dragon Lunge, Corrin’s Side Special attack, allows him to hang in midair if the weapon gets stuck in the ground. Corrin can also use this ability to pin opponents in place, allowing the opportunity for a follow-up attack.

For an Up Special, Corrin uses Dragon Ascent. This move uses Corrin’s wings to attack the enemies, providing him with a wide range. The angle of the ascent can also be controlled, allowing him to go where you can do the most damage. For the last Special, Corrin can turn into a dragon, dodging incoming attacks. He then follows up with a counter-attack, making sure enemies on both his left and right sides get hit. Lastly, Corrin’s Final Smash is Torrential Roar. Torrential Roar pulls opponents in like a vacuum, then hits them with a whirl of water.

Corrin isn’t coming with any new stages, but each version of the game gets other forms of new content. With the Wii U version, two additional songs are being provided. The first is the main theme from Fire Emblem Fates, “Lost in Thoughts All Alone,” with English lyrics. The other song is a remix of the theme, as heard in the new challenger video. Both songs will be added to the existing Fire Emblem stages, and the frequency at which they will appear can be adjusted just like any other music. While the Wii U version gets songs, the Nintendo 3DS version is coming with a few extra trophies. Ryoma and Xander, the eldest brothers of the Hoshido and Nohr clans, respectively, will give trophy collectors a few more objects to obtain.

Corrin will set you back $4.99 for use on either the Wii U or 3DS versions of Super Smash Bros., but for $5.99 you can get it on both! The exact date of all this content is still to be announced, though Nintendo is shooting for a February release. The official date, once determined, will be made known on the official website. Until then, make sure you check out the new character trailer and moveset showcase in all their glory in the videos above!

Source: Nintendo Direct

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