No matter what I do, you and I… we always end up, here. No matter what I do… time ends.” Dark and broody, epic and heady dialogue about an ambiguous end of days, muted colors, and absurdly solemn facial expressions—must be Quantum Break. It is. This TV show-video game hybrid is finally set to arrive in just about a week, on April 5th, and Microsoft’s just released an extra dark little teaser apparently to show off the game/show’s “villains,” but basically it’s just a normal trailer.

The cool part is that it features both live action and game engine footage of Quantum Break, so you can see just how different the actors look in and out of motion capture. Plus there’s a “cool guys don’t look at explosions” moment, so clearly you should watch the video.

Look up to check out the latest trailer for Quantum Break.

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Barry Herbers
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