With the entire world now under the rule of the Eggman Empire, it is up to Sonic, Classic Sonic, and a new Hero to rise and overthrow the evil Doctor. A new E3 trailer for SEGA and Sonic Team’s Sonic Forces has dropped today, this time putting the spotlight on the newly revealed villains standing in the way of the Resistance.

The trailer features cinematic cutscenes and gameplay starring the three heroes and introduces some of the mechanical monsters plaguing the planet, including a crab-like battle mech and the returning Egg Dragoon boss from Sonic Unleashed and Generations.

Just as Team Sonic hosts a number of familiar faces, Team Eggman will also be bringing back renowned Sonic series villains: the robotic doppelgänger Metal Sonic, “Ultimate Life Form” Shadow the Hedgehog, “God of Destruction” Chaos 0 from Sonic Adventure, and “Deadly Six Leader” Zavok from Sonic Lost World. Also revealed is a new villain named “Infinite” with a mysterious new ability.

See it all in the trailer above, and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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