In an interview with Polygon, the creators of the recently announced Guitar Hero Live have explained how multiplayer will work in the upcoming title. The feature is called Guitar Hero TV. It’s a subscription-free always-online mode that supports online and local drop-in-drop-out multiplayer, in which you will play along to hundreds of songs over their official music videos, in an ever-expanding library.

Jamie Jackson, creative director and studio head at FreeStyleGames (the studio behind the
DJ Hero spinoff series), explains:

“It’s our massive multiplayer online part of Guitar Hero. It’ll match-make you against people immediately and you can just be playing against them immediately. You can stay in that show as long as you want. You can play that song, convert to another song, play that other song. But let’s say that music isn’t for you. You’ve jumped into top-10 pop hits and you want to play something different. We can take you to another TV channel. You do that by hitting the same button. You get a TV guide. You can change the channel, jump into a different show. It might be a totally different set of music. Again, it’ll match-make you against other people so you can play competitively. Again, you can stay there and play as long as you want.”
— Jamie Jackson

The guide will show you what’s currently playing on each of these curated channels, along with break-downs on your performance of each song. Jackson continues:

“You’ll go there and there will just be new music for you to play. I think that, for me, is a really important thing to give our fans, to allow them to discover that new music. Some of it we will curate and try to introduce you to new music. Some of it, we’ll look at what you love and make sure you get more of that new music as well.”
— Jamie Jackson

Guitar Hero TV claims to contain a truly diverse range of musical content, including
“some surprises.” With this new feature, the development team isn’t anticipating returning the Guitar Hero series to the annually releasing institution it was in the past. Activision has yet to comment on how they may or may not monetize Guitar Hero TV, though they have promised more details at E3.

Guitar Hero Live will release in late 2015 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, and smart devices.

Source: Polygon

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