LEGO Dimensions will be Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s first endeavour into the “toys-to-life” business. This game will feature a large cast of different characters, coming from a vast array of different worlds. This doesn’t just spontaneously happen, and that’s where this game’s story comes in.

It isn’t too complicated. Lord Vortech, an evil and crazy mastermind, opens vortexes to different worlds in order to get his hands on the “Foundational Building Blocks” of the world, which he wants to use to control the entire universe. He gets the villains from those worlds to help him, and together they search for the Building Blocks, causing chaos and mayhem throughout the worlds. Of course, this does not go uncountered, as heroes come together to put a stop to Lord Vortech’s plans!

We’ll have to wait and see whether or not this venture is as successful as Skylanders or Amiibo. If this trailer made you more interested in the game, let us hear so in the comments below!

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