The Last of Us multiplayer mode – aptly named Factions – has been revealed via press release by developer Naughty Dog. According to the announcement, players will build and grow their own clan of survivors, and compete against rival clans online. During Factions multiplayer campaign, players will choose between two gameplay modes: Supply Raid and Survivors. In Supply Raid, your clan will compete against a rival clan for limited supplies by scavenging the area. In Survivors, two clans will battle against each other to the death. This mode does not include respawns, so once you’re dead you won’t be getting back in until the next round. However, if you are wounded you can attempt to crawl over to a team mate to receive medical attention. 

You won’t have to wait long to experience Factions, because The Last of Us is releasing globally June 14. To keep yourself occupied until then you can check out Factions reveal trailer below.

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