Between Dream Drop Distance and 358/2 Days, it’s fair to say that the Kingdom Hearts franchise has had a bit of trouble in naming some of its spin-offs, but I hope we can all agree that Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue is this disease’s funniest symptom. 2.8 brings Dream Drop Distance, some new (probably extraneous) cinematics, and a little sequel to Birth By Sleep all together into one PlayStation 4 exclusive package in an attempt to finally finish tying up all of Kingdom Hearts‘ myriad loose ends before we all finally get the chance to play the game we’ve actually wanted to for the past decade: Kingdom Hearts III.

Well, Kingdom Hearts as a franchise turns fourteen years old today. Yup, Kingdom Hearts first released back in 2002 on March 28th in Japan, and fourteen’s the same age Sora was when he set off on his primordial journey in that first game. So, to commemorate the anniversary, a new, rather dazzling KH 2.8 screenshot’s been uploaded to the official Kingdom Hearts Twitter profile, showing off Daybreak Town in all its PlayStation 4 gorgeousness and gorgeousity.

The Daybreak Town screenshot’s in the gallery below, and the tweet’s up above. Though, I’m not sure how much good that latter will do you; it’s in Japanese, so you’ll probably want to just click through and get the translation.

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