YouTube channel TheBitBlock has just released a new video in the “Make Believe” series, featuring Nintendo games such as Splatoon and Mario Party. The series explores what Nintendo’s controllers, characters, and video game franchises could be like in the future with the aid of fun animated segments and illustrations.

The announcement video we have right now is inspired by the lack of a digital event by Nintendo for E3 2016, with the presentation following a Direct’s format pretty closely. It begins by showing off a concept for Animal Crossing involving a new shop called the Shore Shanty, which would allow players to enhance their fishing experience in-game by purchasing different types of bait and so on.

The video also introduces the idea of using Amiibo figurines to unlock skins for Splatoon characters, such as Mario, Samus, and Link. For Mario Party, they revamp several old events such as Shell Shock, Bumper Balls, and Mecha Marathon by recreating them in modern Mario Party graphics. Finally, TheBitBlock has built a whole new level for Mario Kart’s Battle Mode based on Super Mario Sunshine‘s Delfino area. All of these will have their own episodes of Make Believe in the near future.

You can support the channel’s work on Patreon here and see the first Make Believe episode here. I don’t know about you guys, but I am so pumped for this series to continue! Let us know what you think of it below!

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Sean Ayres
Everything looks so much cooler in my mind.


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