After a long, long time of waiting, Monolith Soft’s Xenoblade Chronicles X launched in the West just last week. In an interview with Gamereactor, executive director Tetsuya Takahashi shared some thoughts about the future of both the Xenoblade series and Monolith Soft as a whole. In regards to the Xenoblade series, Takahashi stated how it was not stuck to one genre. As Xenoblade Chronicles has a fantasy setting, and Xenoblade Chronicles X has a science-fiction setting, Takahashi hopes that Monolith can keep exploring new settings with the series.

As for their connection with Nintendo, Takahashi expressed his personal view that Monolith should be making the kind of games that Nintendo cannot make internally. He added that Xenoblade Chronicles happened because, as Monolith Soft was founded by ex-Square Enix employees, they were able to combine Square Enix influences with influences from Nintendo itself.

“The Xenoblade series has always had a different genre for each game, with the previous game being fantasy, and now turning to science fiction. I hope we will be able to continue the series like this, exploring lots of different settings, rather than being confined to a specific genre.”

“This is just my personal view, but I think that Monolith Soft should continue making the kind of games that can’t be made within Nintendo. As you know, before we were Monolith Soft we worked at Square Enix, so Xenoblade Chronicles is the result of those Square Enix influences combining with influences from Nintendo. Just as human civilisation has developed through the intermingling of different peoples and cultures, I hope that Monolith Soft can continue to develop further through having various opportunities to work with Nintendo.” — Tetsuya Takahashi

What do you hope that the future of Xenoblade and Monolith Soft holds? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Gamereactor

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