ThatGameCompany, the people responsible for the award-winning PlayStation 3 title Journey, has just begun teasing at a new game by creating a Twitter page with the name “thatnextgame.” The account’s creation was followed by retweeting the twin candle picture picture you see alongside this article, which came with the caption “a game about giving.” ThatGameCompany’s Twitter bio tells us that the upcoming title will be multiplatform as well as multiplayer, but no other information has been given. Hopefully we will get an official announcement soon.

ThatGameCompany also followed up the creation of the new Twitter account by tweeting two new photos at it. Both pictures look spectacular, and you can see them in the tweets below. Another tweet by ThatGameCompany says that they are currently hiring, so maybe some new people can get a chance to help work on the next game.

Are you anticipating this new title? Let us know in the comments below!

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