After being in development for over two years, the fourth installment in the dirt bike psychics-based racer/speed runner finally got revealed by Ubisoft. Trials Rising will take you all over the world and will have a big focus on competition and online play. Trials Rising claims you will never ride alone, as competition is everywhere. Past installments have been equal parts challenging and frustrating, and this one looks no different. Between canyons, skyscrapers, theme parks, Japanese mansions, and so much more, there’s nothing you can’t ride on in the Trials franchise.

Trials Rising will have a beta that you can sign up for right now at No information was given about when it starts or what players can do. You’ll be able to “eat dirt and taste victory” in February 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

Are you excited to crash with friends? Let us know in the comments section and check out the trailer at the top of the page.

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