Did you get a chance to play the beta for Battlefield 1 that ran from August 30th through September 8th? If so, you definitely weren’t alone, as a whopping 13.2 million players turned out and shattered EA’s record for most players. This also puts Star Wars Battlefront down to second place with only 9 million players. EA released an info graphic detailing some of the data collected from the beta. This data includes the total players, statistics for various kinds of kills, and the most popular class.

Senior Producer Aleks Grondal thanked all the players:

“I want to personally thank you all for the great feedback you’ve given us. We’re trawling through forum posts, social media mentions, and digging into some great data. We’re identifying what worked well, and what didn’t work as well. We truly value your input. In the near future, we’ll have more details on the changes we’ll be making to the full version of the game.”
— Aleks Grondal

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Source: GameSpot

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