With a deeper insight into the inner machinations of Team Sonic Racing at SXSW 2019 came additional details about the upcoming racing title’s own music. Jun Senoue of Crush 40 fame has confirmed that the TSR original soundtrack—appropriately titled Maximum Overdrive—will be dropping worldwide with the release of the game, and it will be a behemoth of an anthology to collect at that.

The Maximum Overdrive OST will launch physically in a three-disc collection featuring a rough total of 130 tracks, with the crux of Team Sonic Racing‘s music split between remixes of old favorites and brand new tracks. For those who prefer the convenience of downloads, the soundtrack will also be available for purchase via popular digital outlets such as iTunes, Amazon Music, and Google Play, as well as streamable via the likes of Apple Music and Spotify.

At the panel, Senoue spoke at length to fans about the production process behind the music from Team Sonic Racing, most notably with a particular emphasis on the keyword “Team.” The Sonic sound director went on to describe the collaborative effort in producing the soundtrack with a number of special guests involved outside of SEGA’s own sound team.

One such artist was introduced to the Gotta Go Fast panel via a brand new song reveal, this being a remix of a fan-favorite track pulled straight out of Bingo Highway from 2003’s Sonic Heroes. TORIENA, an esteemed chiptune composer and performer based in Kyoto, Japan, has lent her talent to the project by joining forces with Senoue in “Bingo Party,” which you can jam to above! If you liked what you heard, you can also check out TORIENA’s website for her complete discography, social media links, and more.

TORIENA is but one of many names we know are involved with Jun Senoue in producing Team Sonic Racing‘s music, with the soundtrack building up to a real ensemble cast of Sonic music greats:

  • Crush 40 returns with vocalist Johnny Gioeli through the theme track “Green Light Ride.”
  • Tee Lopes, a longtime Sonic remixer who rose to prominence within the community in composing the entire soundtrack to Sonic Mania Plus, contributed to “Boo’s House” (feat. violinist Tei Sena) and “Sand Road” (feat. bassist Takeshi Kaneda).
  • Hyper Potions—the EDM duo whose music is often featured in Sonic promotional materials (most famously the Sonic Mania preorder trailer with “Time Trial,” and that game’s animated opening featuring “Friends”)—collaborated on “Market Street” and “Whale Lagoon.”
  • Richard Jacques, whose music career within the Sonic series began with Sonic 3D Blast on the SEGA Saturn, revitalizes “Ocean View” for its second time around since Transformed in 2012.
  • Tyler Smyth of Dangerkids, back again since “Infinite” from Sonic Forces, puts the pedal to the frosted metal in “Frozen Junkyard.”
  • Though no credited tracks have been previewed yet, Tomoya Ohtani is said to be involved with Team Sonic Racing‘s soundtrack as well.

In related Sonic music news, a new Sonic Mania Adventures remix by Tee Lopes and Jun Senoue premiered at the SXSW panel, dedicated to the tougher than leather Knuckles the Echidna.

What did you think of “Bingo Party?” Are you considering picking up Team Sonic Racing‘s OST? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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