Tales of Symphonia, the quintessential GameCube JRPG, is returning in HD. When Tales of Symphonia was originally released – on July 13, 2004 in the US and on November 19, 2004 in Europe – it touted some of the best visuals and gameplay that pushed the GameCube to its limits. About a month ago, we heard rumors claiming that Tales of Symphonia was being released in HD, and that this rerelease was going to be called Tales of Symphonia: Perfect Edition, which would feature both Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. Later, Hideo Baba was interviewed and claimed that it was not going to happen, and what was really going to be done was something more of a Tales of CafĂ© at a convention. Well earlier today Hideo Baba, at the Tales of Festival, revealed Tales of Symphonia: Unisonant Pack (working title). Sadly, it will not be released on the Wii U, but instead will be a PS3 exclusive. This decision is due to the fact that most of the Tales Of fans in Japan prefer the PS3, and likely because it will feature the PS2 version, which had more content than the GameCube one. This is great news for those who are fans of the franchise.

The game is set to be released sometime early 2014 in both NTSC and PAL regions. I am very excited for this release because, like many other fans of the series, Tales of Symphonia was the first game I played in the Tales Of franchise, and it’s certainly become the favorite of many fans. While I am disappointed that it will not be released on the Wii U, this won’t stop me from picking up this great title. Are you as excited for this as I am?

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