The Tales series is very plot heavy, often hosting games spanning well over the 40 to 50 hour mark that most JRPGs seem to aim for. If the newest trailer from its upcoming entry is any indication, Tales of Berseria is definitely following suit. The trailer features about four and a half minutes of pure exposition, a lot of which was seen previously in the E3 trailer earlier this year. However, the big change here is that all of the voice acting is in English now.

If the English voice acting is not enough to get you excited, then the gorgeous visuals should definitely whet the appetite of any fans of the series. While there is gameplay shown in the trailer, most of its run time consists of the awesome anime visuals that the series has been known for in recent entries. Even if you do not plan to pick up the game next month on January 24th, anime fans should definitely give the trailer a view just to appreciate how much work went into the animation shown off here.

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