Tak Fujii, who has been at Konami since 1997, is leaving the company. Fujii started off as a sound director before becoming an associate producer and eventually a manager and producer for the company, and he made a bit of a name for himself online after his 2010 E3 presentation of Ninety Nine Nights II. The veteran said via Twitter, “It’s been great 20 years of creation. Thanks for all who supported, loved my titles. Farewell and may the extreeeeemeness be with KONAMI” regarding his leaving. His plans for the future seem nebulous at present, but he has been active on Twitter to keep in touch.

He reappeared on the social media site after vanishing for nearly a year after announcing he had developed cancer. His appearance came with the Tweet “just letting you know that I’m not dead yet,” and his account has been rather active since. He also said “I’ll be sticking more in Twitter so I don’t leave from you all troops, so don’t leave from me, please, I’m begging and yelling,” so we can expect to keep hearing more from him. He appears to be job hunting, but in the meantime he told Katsuhiro Harada—director and chief producer of the Tekken series—that he’s going “nowhere. Will be freelance for a while so Gimme a job my friend :D.”

Aside from Ninety Nine Nights II, Fujii also worked on Blades of Time and No More Heroes. It’s good to see him active again. He certainly seems energetic.

Source: Tak Fujii’s Twitter

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