Nintendo Switch is on a hot streak right now, outselling its 2018 numbers every single week in Japan thus far in 2019. Back in January, we reported that Switch passed 7 million units sold in Japan alone and that it was closing in on PlayStation 4 in that region. Although it hasn’t quite passed up Sony’s console yet, it’s likely to do so in just one or two more weeks. In the meantime, Switch just hit another milestone in Japan.

According to the latest sales data, Switch moved another 40,000 units in Japan last week (easily enough to top the charts), bringing its grand total to just over 8 million. That means Switch has sold over 1 million units in Japan alone since early January. It now trails PlayStation 4 by just over 33,000 sales, so it should eclipse it next week.

We also know that Switch has been the top-selling hardware in the US for the last four months in a row. These stronger than expected sales worldwide over the past few months should boost Switch’s life total considerably. Nintendo infamously lowered their hardware target from 20 million to 17 million earlier this year, but they’ve since been outselling all projections. They’ll likely still fall a bit short of the 20 million target, but they might be closer than previously thought. Nintendo will release their year-end financial data soon, as they’re meeting with investors and reporters over the next few days.

Source: Resetera

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