Isabelle seems to be a bit glitch-friendly in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. A few days ago, we covered a glitch that causes the game to crash when Isabelle and Villager play catch. Now, an even more intense bug has been found, one which can be easily replicated in Smash Bros. And this one lets players summon infinite Waluigis.

By simply messing around with Assist Trophies, players can flood the screen with as many assist characters as the game can handle. To replicate the glitch, two players need to be playing as Isabelle. When an Assist Trophy drops, both need to grab it with their fishing poles at the same time. While one player will ultimately grab it, the other’s fishing line will still be latched to the Assist Trophy. The receiving player will then be locked into summoning the assist character and will not stop summoning said assist character. This player will only stop summoning if the other player can knock them out of the animation. As the video shows, however, that’s not an easy task to do, especially if there are forty Metroids latched onto their skulls.

This glitch is probably not long for this world. Nintendo has a fairly good track record at removing glitches like this in their recent titles. Replicate it now before a new patch comes out and the never-ending hoard of Majora’s Mask moons is gone forever!

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