It’s time to dust off the old NES, pull out the CRT, and call some friends over. Super Russian Roulette is here.

Super Russian Roulette is a pet project from Andrew Reitano, an electrical engineer who specializes in working with old game cartridges and consoles. After sharing Super Russian Roulette with friends, Reitano showed off the game at Fantastic Fest, where it won the Fantastic Arcade 2015 Audience Choice Award. This award ultimately inspired Reitano to show his little party game to the world.

The game itself is marketed as a bar or general drinking game. Using the NES Zapper, players play Russian Roulette with indications of either a “Click” or a bang displayed on the screen. The charm of Super Russian Roulette comes with its main character, a fully voiced and meticulously animated cowboy complete with its own AI functions, resulting in randomized games with different quips thrown in the players’ faces. How this cowboy exists is through Reitano’s own NES cartridge mod, which raises the program memory to one megabyte, literally pushing the NES to its limits.

You can check out the Kickstarter page here. Super Russian Roulette is already most of the way to its modest goal of $20,000 after only two days, but there are still plenty of prizes to grab if you’re interested in supporting the game!

Are you interested in backing Super Russian Roulette? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Kickstarter

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