Nintendo recently released Super Mario Run on iOS devices, officially bringing their biggest IP to the mobile market. The app quickly shot to the top of the download revenue charts in the United States and many other countries around the world, reaching 50 million downloads in record time. At its highest, Super Mario Run was the top-grossing app in 40 countries, but as of today, it no longer hold the top spot in any territory.

Super Mario Run starts as a free download (which has helped it retain its top spot for mobile downloads in 88 countries, down from a previous high of 138) that gives you limited access to its features, and unlocking the full game costs $10. This $10 price tag allowed it to be quite profitable at launch, but the game features no microtransactions (and supposedly never will), so it has no way to bring in additional revenue after launch.

It’s still pulling in money from new downloads (and it’s also doing a great job of boosting Nintendo’s brand awareness), but unless Nintendo has a change of heart regarding DLC, its profits on iOS have likely peaked. Nintendo plans to release the game on Android devices some time next year, so it will likely see a temporary revenue spike at that time as well, but sustaining it for more than a week or two will be difficult.

Source: Bloomberg

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