For every upload onto the Super Mario Maker server, there is one prerequisite that must be fulfilled: you yourself must clear your created stage first, in order to prove that your level can, in fact, be beaten by other users. That does not bar them from being frustratingly near-impossible to beat, however. There’s hard levels, certainly, but then there’s really hard levels like the following.

Enter Alex “PangeaPanga“, renowned in the Super Mario World hacking community and Tool Assisted Speedrun community for crafting some of the most difficult SMW levels ever, including the notoriously infamous “Item Abuse 3”. Despite a recent copyright crackdown that deleted a majority of his YouTube videos, he took his penchant for crafting devious machinations onto the Mario Maker stage, with his “Pit of Panga: Bomb Voyage” having gone through 11,000 attempts the world over without a single “Clear!” among them…until now.

Spelunky record holder “Bananasaurus Rex” became the first person in 11,000 tries to clear “Bomb Voyage”, and uploaded footage of the ordeal onto his YouTube channel, which you can see for yourselves in the video above! According to Rex, this was an undertaking that took about 4 hours to complete: one hour dedicated to practicing, with the remaining three spent recording his various attempts at clearing the stage.

If you fancy giving the bomb-oriented stage a shot, then I wish you only the best of luck.

ID: 2A8F-0000-0049-9485

Source: Kotaku

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