Super Mario Maker has proven to be a very rewarding experience for gamers since it launched in September 2015, with new Event Courses popping up online to pass along additional Mystery Mushroom costumes as a reward. This handy power-up recently allowed players to dress up as the three Triforce Heroes Totem Links, the Sky Pop from Super Mario Land, and the three starter Pokémon from Red and Blue among other cameos.

Now comes a costume that none have seen coming: Chitoge Kirisaki from
Nisekoi, Naoshi Komi’s rom-com manga in Weekly Shōnen Jump!

Check out her trailer below, as well as GameXplain’s playthrough of the two
Nisekoi-themed Event Courses: “Chitoge & Kosaki” and “Tsugumi & Marika.”

Seeing that
Super Mario Maker is starting to delve deeper into manga and anime crossovers, I do wonder if that means we could be playing as Goku in a Mario game soon… At this point, it isn’t unrealistic to dream!

That being said, what other kind of
Super Mario Maker crossovers would you like to see Nintendo have fun with in the future? To fans of the manga and anime, I ask you: Chitoge Kirisaki or Kosaki Onodera? Sound off in the comments!

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